Perry Boys Red E Liquid 60ml-e juice australia

Perry Boys Red E Liquid 60ml

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This is one of the best E Liquid mostly mango with hints of other flavour. It is cheap in price but high in quality and taste!

Get tropical with the mouthwatering Orange, Melon, Mango and  Kiwi E-Juice. This outstanding vape juice combines four highly compatible flavors into one intensely delicious entity. As soon as you inhale and all throughout your exhale, you will get notes of all four of these tropical fruits. The citrus of Orange will splash on your tongue like gentle waves coming in to the beach on a warm summer day. Sweet, juicy Melon and Mango takes you away from the beach and into some much needed shade on a hammock between Palm trees. Then, by the end, tart Kiwi will give you a second wind, jolting you upright and sending you running into the ocean.




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